Tuesday, 25 October 2016

How To Run Dual Whatsapp Account In One Phone?

Get 1000% working dual whatsapp apk to use double whatsapp account in your mobile. Today we are sharing the working tricks to run 2 whatsapp account in 1 phone.
WhatsApp is now a days a big source of sending and receiving messages. It becomes a trend to chat with the friends. 90% of younger generation is now using whatsapp application in their mobile and they use it on a regular basis. People are now a days became a whatsapp addicted. In 2016, WhatsApp was the most globally popular messaging app with more than 700 million active users, with India alone having a user base of more than 70 million. It was founded in 2009 & initially released on January 2010. These application is right now available on following platform: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Symbian, Nokia, Windows Phone.

Use: Parallel Space – Multi Accounts

Parallel space can be used to have 2 whatsapp account in one phone. It is the android based application can be used to have anything in multiple. Like you can even use multiple instagram account or multiple facebook account or anything. Almost all android application are supported. It is powerful yet stable android application.

 How To Use Parallel Space For Two Whatsapp Account?

    First download parallel space application from below download section

    Open the parallel space application and click on + icon
    Select whatsapp icon from the list
    Enter the secondary number and verify it in this new whatsapp
That’s it. You have now two whatsapp account in your mobile. One is official and second is in the parallel space.

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